January Ring Report

NO. 197, MARIETTA, OHIO – The Tommy Windsor RingMeets 2nd Thu., 7:00 pm CHESTER W. GAULT, Secretary –

We kicked off 2014 with our first meeting at the historic Lafayette Hotel in downtown Marietta. We’ve narrowed our search for a new meeting site to two possible locations, with the Lafayette being one of them. Next month the membership will vote for their choice.

Our newly elected President, Dale Wheeler started the meeting right on time, which is rare for us. Several items of business were discussed including, of course, our meeting site, a possible club show for a local University, lecturers who are wanting to visit Ring 197, the upcoming Magi-Fest in Columbus, Ohio, and the annual magic auction in Canton, Ohio.

The biggest item on our business itinerary, was the possibility of resuming our annual ‘Hocus Pocus’ public show. After several successful years of presenting the show, an increase in theater rental caused the club to decide against having the show in 2013. News that the theater management has requested a talk with us and the possibility of renegotiating the rental fee, has the club hopeful and looking forward to the project.

Even with all of the matters discussed, President Wheeler closed the business portion of the meeting only 45 minutes after it began to give us more time for magic. Good start!

Prez.Dale Wheeler started the magic portion of the meeting by showing us his latest magic purchase, a lap servante that vanishes into your coat automatically when the performer rises. Very clever prop. Dale also performed an original card effect that we named the ‘Telephone Sandwich’ since Dale hadn’t named it yet.

Steve Dixon, who is our club card man, presented several original card tricks along with some nice flourishes and fancy finger work. He closed with his version of ‘McDonald Aces’. Steve is always fun to watch.

Chester Gault performed a sleight of hand ‘6 Card Repeat’ plus his version of ‘Oil and Water’.

Mike King showed us one of those puzzles made from 2 bent nails that everyone struggles with taking apart. Mike, however, cheated by using magic to cause them to simply fall apart. We can always depend on Mike for something different and entertaining.

Kerry Blair, inspired by Mike’s puzzle trick, showed everyone some clever visual puzzles drawn on paper. Some good magic, some exciting plans for the future and an eager and skilled membership. Ring 197 is alive and well. Come and visit us sometime.
C.W. Gault, Secretary


RING 197, MARIETTA, OHIO-The Tommy Windsor Ring
Meets 2nd Thu., 7:00pm of each month

This year our Magic Ring held our annual Christmas Banquet at the lovely and beautifully decorated home of Joe and Lynda Berman in Athens, Ohio. All of the 14 present had a blessed and enjoyable opportunity to enjoy a nice sit down meal with great food and music. The members and guests arrived at the Berman’s home and enjoyed the social hour before the Christmas meal. Joe had the logs blazing in the fireplace and Lynda and lady friends soon had the banquet meal ready for the tables. The festive meal consisted of ham along with salads, vegetables, breads, cakes, candies and cookies.

After dinner, members Steve Dixon and Dale Wheeler had the group laughing and singing along with their two guitar duo. They played and sang several songs that ranged from comedy such as “Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy “to traditional songs like “Away In A Manger”. Steve also played the violin to several Christmas carols. Joe Berman closed out our evening of music and merriment with several tunes played on his beautiful collection of antique music boxes built in the 1800’s. “Silent Night” was so beautiful when played on the antique music box. It made all present realize we had just experienced a wonderful evening of food, magical friends and music. We are truly blessed!

Dale Wheeler, Secretary

November Ring Report

In Memory of Our Beloved Kenny Miller

RING 197, MARIETTA, OHIO-The Tommy Windsor Ring
Meets 2nd Thu., 7:00pm of each month.

November’s Ring Meeting was held on a brisk fall evening at Washington County Library in Marietta, Ohio. Chester Gault presided over this month’s meeting due to the passing of our Ring President, Ken Miller.

The first item of our meeting was the election of the 2014 Ring #197 officers. Mike King tallied the ballots with the following results: President- Dale Wheeler, Vice-President – Steve Dixon, Secretary – Chester Gault, Treasurer – Mike King, Sergeant at Arms – Joe Berman. The members discussed our possible meeting locations and possible lecture locations for the coming year. The general consensus was to keep the meeting location in the Marietta area if possible.

The Ring #197 Christmas Party will be held at Joe & Lynda Berman’s home in Athens, Ohio, on December 12th. Members and guests may arrive at 5:30p.m. with dinner starting at 6:30 p.m. Steve and Dale will bring their guitars and other members are asked to bring a musical instrument and join in the fun!

Terry Miller moved to close the business meeting. The members each gave their first memories of meeting Ken Miller. Chester Gault read a letter from Midge Miller that touched all our hearts. There is so much more that we all could tell of Ken and how much he meant to all of our members-each one of us loved him. He was a very special human being whose passing has left an enormous hole in our lives – but whose life filled ours with so much that was wonderful. Ken brought so much magic and mentoring to so many. We love you and miss you Ken Miller!

October Ring Report       

RING 197, MARIETTA, OHIO-The Tommy Windsor Ring
Meets 2nd Thu., 7:00pm of each month at Ken Miller’s home/magic shop 100 Wilding Rd., Marietta, OH

The Fall weather was just perfect for our October meeting in Marietta, Ohio. When you feel that first crisp breeze, you know that summer is gone and fall is in the air. Every season has its upside; however, autumn has a particular “magic” to it. Here in Marietta, all revel in its unique ability to turn the world into one big canvas with nature’s paintbrush.

The meeting was called to order by President Ken Miller. The Christmas party final plans at home of Joe and Lynda Berman were set. The ring discussed various items of business including possible lectures for the local club. The business meeting was adjourned so that we could enjoy the magic presentations by our members.

Joe Berman demonstrated and performed a metal magical puzzle entitled “The Universal Nut”. Joe showed the Ring members a threaded piece of metal and a small metal nut. The bolt’s threads were larger than the metal nut, but with a twirl of his magic fingers, Joe fitted the nut onto the impossibly oversized threaded bolt!

Ken Miller showed the members the “Houdini’s Great Escape”. Ken showed 3 cards: one figure (a colored picture of Houdini in chains) and two cards (the police prison guards). Ken illustrated the effect with large 4”x 6” cards. Houdini is shackled and placed into a jail cell which is guarded on either side by two stern looking policemen, yet with Ken’s handling, he was able to make an escape anyhow!

Dale Wheeler showed the Ring members his “Thought Transmitter” card wallet made by John Cornelius. Ken Miller assisted Dale with handling of the prop and the Ring members discussed the different ways to use the wallet in mental acts. Dale showed the Ring members his handling of “Extreme Burn 2.0” in which he openly showed and counted out four $1.00 bills which in a flash turned into four $20.00 bills!

Terry Miller showed the Ring members his Boris Karloff handbill. William Henry Pratt, better known by his stage name of “Boris Karloff” is best remembered for his roles in several horror films. Terry showed the Ring members a magical themed Alakazam birthday card that gave a lighted message and music. Terry’s final production was a 6 pack of Number 9 Beer with the labeling of “Magic Hat”!

Kerry Blair demonstrated to the Ring members Chris Angel’s Money Printer. Kerry showed the members his handling of large loops that became unlinked under a colored silk! He also showed the members a deck of plastic type playing cards for use with not-so dry hands!
Kerry then showed how he made a wand with a “Pointy Hand” from the Dollar Tree store for use in kid shows.

Steve Dixon brought his magic case to show how he dressed it up with aluminum angle bars. He explained his buffing process on the metal and his method of painting the case. The cases were indeed beautiful and bump resistant after the treatments that Steve applied!

Mike King presented to the ring members “Will The Names Match?” The Ring members were in amazement of the different phases of the routine. Mike proved his predictions each and every time!

We sure have fun in the Fall and every 2nd Thursday of the month! You are welcomed to join the fun in Marietta, so please stop in and be with us!

Dale Wheeler, Secretary     


September Ring Report

RING 197, MARIETTA, OHIO-The Tommy Windsor Ring

Meets 2nd Thu., 7:00pm of each month at Ken Miller’s home/magic shop 100 Wilding Rd., Marietta, OH



President Ken Miller opened the meeting at 7:00 PM. Those in attendance were Ken Miller, Chester

Gault, Terry Miller, Mike King, Kerry Blair, Joe Berman, Chad Davis, Steve Dixon, Tom Wilson, Dale Wheeler and several guest magicians. The Ring briefly discussed not having the Hocus Pocus show this year. President Ken Miller adjourned the business meeting and announced our guest lecture for September.

Our featured guest lecturer was Steve Daly who lives and works in Las Vegas, Nevada. Steve had several lectures rolled into one for the Marietta Ring. His first presentation was entitled "DAYCARE DOLLAR$" ~ The Profitable Art of Performing MAGIC for 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's, & 6 year olds. Steve performed and gave us tips on the the “ins and outs” of performing for the little ones. Steve's Day Care Center Shows are a mixture of "Part Clown ~ Part Magician" which equaled a resounding successful presentation. Mr. Daly has more than 40 years experience performing for Day Care Centers all over the World. Steve shared his secrets of success to our Ring members and guests including;

1. About Your Audience; The Children

2. Booking & Contracts

3. Seating Your Audience

4. The Show: Basic Rules

5. Day Care Center Magic Show Psychology

6. Steve's Favorite Tricks, Gags, & Bits

7. Easy to Make Tricks

8. Animals in Your Show

9. Candy –use and presentation in the show

Steve performed on the world famous Las Vegas Strip. He has performed for more than 15 years, 2 shows per night, 6 nights per week, over 650 shows per year in the Las Vegas Strip. Steve gave the Ring members and guest the inside information to performing magic in the Magic capitol of America, Las Vegas! Steve gave us insight to such topics as ticket sales there, advertising, “Four Walling vs. Two Walling”, and the philosophy of “BIG FISH in a pond, or a Guppy in the OCEAN”!

Steve rounded out the lecture with several card manipulations. Several of the amazing pasteboard miracles were easy to perform and Steve was eager to teach the methods to our Ring members and guests.

Our magically satisfied Ring Members and guests purchased several of the items that Steve had brought with him. We all left the lecture meeting with agreement of a lecture night that was one to praise!

Dale Wheeler, Secretary

July Meeting Notes

RING 197, MARIETTA, OHIO-The Tommy Windsor Ring

Meets 2nd Thu., 7:00pm of each month at Ken Miller’s home/magic shop 100 Wilding Rd., Marietta, OH



The Ring Meeting of July was sported by two events. The first was our monthly Ring Meeting and the second was our annual Ring poolside picnic. We had moved from our Marietta, Ohio location for this annual get together to the lovely home of Chester and Sandy Gault in Vienna, West Virginia. The Gault’s home was packed with members and their guests for an enjoyable feast of food and magic.
The Ring meeting began with discussion of our annual Hocus Pocus show. Locations and costs of renting a theater was the main thrust of the discussions. It was decided to explore the sites and costs of the show at our August meeting.

The scheduling of magicians giving lectures was debated for the near future. The Ring members decided that Mike King of our club will contact Daryl Easton, formerly Daryl Martinez, who is based in Las Vegas. Daryl has the title of "The Magician's Magician”. He specializes in card tricks, close-up and parlor magic.

The Ring also decided to reschedule the date of the August meeting to the 1st Thursday of the month instead of the 2nd Thursday. The club will make final decision on the Hocus Pocus show at that August 1st meeting. The Ring’s business meeting was adjourned to meet with the ladies poolside for our picnic.

The Ring picnic was blessed with many home cooked dishes and member’s home grown vegetables. The “Chef” Chester Griller Gault was flipping great hamburgers and hot dogs for the members and guests. The tables were graced with fruits and homemade fudge candies and cookies too! Magic and food was enjoyed by all. Each and every Ring member won an abundance of door prizes furnished by Ken Miller’s Magic Shop. The Grand Door Prize of a $75.00 gift certificate was won by Mike King. Joe Berman of Athens, Ohio won a Black Art Table. Linda Leach won the lady’s door prize of a gift certificate to Mulberry Lane Gift Shop in Parkersburg, WV.

A special thanks goes out to all those who made this annual picnic a success, especially to the Gaults who graciously were our hosts! If you are a magician visiting the Marietta area, please stop by and join us on the 2nd Thursday of each month. We would love your company!

Dale Wheeler, Secretary

June Meeting Notes

RING 197, MARIETTA, OHIO-The Tommy Windsor Ring

Meets 2nd Thu., 7:00pm of each month at Ken Miller’s home/magic shop 100 Wilding Rd., Marietta, OH



June’s Ring Meeting was held on a beautiful summer evening at Ken Miller’s Magic Shop in Marietta, Ohio.

Chester Gault gave a report on the July picnic. The picnic will be held at the Gault’s home and is set for Sunday, July 14th at 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Several door prizes have been donated to the picnic. This year a $75.00 gift certificate will be drawn as a Picnic Grand Prize and redeemable at Miller’s Magic Shop. A Mulberry Lane Country Store $35.00 gift certificate will be drawn for a lady in attendance. The Christmas Party will be held at the Berman’s home and is set for Thursday, December 12 at 6:15 p.m.

The Hocus Pocus show was briefly discussed by the members. The possibilities of upcoming lectures were also discussed. Chester Gault will look into magic lectures that might interest the members. Ken and Chester told the club about John Gradwohl that is performing “Bubbles & Magic” in the area.

The business meeting was adjourned so we all could enjoy some magic from our talented members.

Chester Gault performed a card trick entitled “4 Miracles Card Trick”. Kerry Blair and Mike King assisted in the presentation. Miracle after miracle with a climax of a card that Kerry selected traveled across the room to the cards that were being held by Mike King!

Kerry Blair entertained the ring members with a U F Grant rope effect “1-2-1 Best Rope Trick”. Knots magically formed evenly along the rope and middles became ends and ends became middles!

Mike King presented “Zig Zag Soda Can” Mike placed the soda can inside of a small wooden box. Then Mike inserted a blade through one side of the box and out the opposite side. A second blade was placed just below the first. BOTH blades penetrated through the real pop can!! Now the center section of the box is pushed to the left "Zigged". The can had VANISHED from the box! Mike also showed the club a vintage and rare P&L Firecracker.

Steve Dixon performed several four Ace productions from a deck which Steve shuffled with various spectacular flourishes!
Dale Wheeler performed a torn card effect in which the four card pieces slowly mended together in full view of the club members. Dale also played a DVD which showed David Copperfield’s eleven islands and magic museum.

The end of a good meeting with participation in sharing magic with friends! Guests are always welcome in Marietta. Come join the fun!

Dale Wheeler, Secretary

May Meeting Notes

RING 197, MARIETTA, OHIO-The Tommy Windsor Ring
Meets 2nd Thu., 7:00pm of each month at Ken Miller’s home/magic shop 100 Wilding Rd., Marietta, OH

The spring weather was perfect for our May meeting in Marietta, Ohio. The meeting was called to order by President Ken Miller. The dates for our annual picnic and Christmas party were set. The ring discussed various items of business including a fall magic show for the public and possible lectures for the local club. The business meeting was adjourned so that we could enjoy the magic presentations by our members.

Joe Berman performed a magic penetration of a large steel ball bearing through a solid sheet of glass. The glass was in a wooden frame box and covered with a green silk. Joe placed the ball bearing on top of the silk and slowly the piece of steel penetrated the box and glass! The effect is a Milson Worth idea with a “Coin of the Realm” flavor! Joe also showed the members a thimble hold-out devise and a cordial glass production item.

Ken Miller showed the members the “Berland-Thimble Act set. The Berland set comes with several thimbles and a whiskey glass.

Chester Gault demonstrated his new “Magic Memo Pad” that he had modified to work effectively. Three coins magically vanished as they appear to melt into an illustration of a piggy bank that he had drawn on a memo pad. Chester showed that we could tear the page from the pad and give it to a spectator at the end. Chester also showed his new Bluetooth wireless speaker that gave him the ability to connect with his portable speaker system.

Dale Wheeler showed the Ring members a variant of the “card at any number” effect by Mike Kirby entitled X-act. Mike King dealt out 17 cards and the 17th card matched the prediction card perfectly!

Terry Miller showed the Ring members a large magic wand that as a comedy effect has the ends to “Pop-Off”.

Kerry Blair entertained the ring members with an Abbott’s crossword puzzle that asked questions about magicians past and present. The questions were sometimes hard but the ring’s members knew their magic and the magician’s names to fill the blanks of the puzzle!

Mike King presented to the ring members two “hole” cards and two “whole” cards that magically transformed into a spot card, then a whole bunch of spots, then to a card with a spot that covers the whole card, and a spot card with a hole! For a surprise finish, the final card is turned around to reveal the word “HOLE” written across the whole card! Then, with additional Gospel patter, Mike summed up the entire whole-hole process that the members had just witnessed!

We sure have fun every 2nd Thursday of the month! You are welcomed to join the fun in Marietta, so please stop in and be with us!

Dale Wheeler, Secretary
April Meeting Notes

RING 197, MARIETTA, OHIO-The Tommy Windsor Ring
Meets 2nd Thu., 7:00pm of each month at Ken Miller’s home/magic shop 100 Wilding Rd., Marietta, OH

April’s Ring Meeting was held on a beautiful Spring evening at Ken Miller’s Magic Shop in Marietta, Ohio. Dale Wheeler even brought a Spring “bouquet” for every member of the Ring, a bunch of green sweet onions! Dale is a former Vo-Agriculture teacher and loves gardening and magic.
The Ring meeting began with discussion of our annual Hocus Pocus show. Locations and costs of renting a theater was the main thrust of the discussions. It was decided to explore the sites and costs of the show in future meetings.
The scheduling of magicians giving lectures was debated for April and May. No lectures were planned due to the short time left in April and the many lectures the group would be attending at the Battle of Magicians in Canton, Ohio.
Joe Berman informed the Ring about his interview conducted by WOUB Public Television. The interview is entitled “ The WOUB Oral History Project: Merlin The Magician”. Merlin The Magician first aired in the fall of 1964 and ran throughout much of the decade. Merlin could be seen in 75 markets throughout the United States- all before the creation of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS). The interview along with a video clip of the TV show can be seen at the website under “Conversations from Studio B”. A slide show is also on the site with a very young looking Joe Berman and members of the cast.
The meeting was adjourned and then the Ring members all joined in on for some member magic fun. Ken Miller surprised the entire magic gathering with his abilities. Ken produced and commanded a large bat creature to fly around the meeting room while sitting motionless at his President’s desk position! Members ducked their heads as the magic flying bat encircled above them and then magically vanished on Ken’s command. Ken really knows how to make his magic memorable to his audiences!
Chester Gault demonstrated a new “Magic Memo Pad”. Three coins magically vanished as they appear to melt into an illustration of a Miser’s Pail that he had drawn on a memo pad. Chester showed that we could tear the page from the pad and give it to a spectator at the end.

Kerry Blair entertained the Ring members with a “Warm Fuzzy” sponge ball routine. Kerry’s patter and prose made a fairytale like story become visual and real!
Mike King presented to the Ring members a large sketch pad with random two digit numbers and an envelope with an enclosed prediction. Various members selected a two digit number and Kerry Blair added up the total which amazingly matched the prediction from the envelope. Then, with additional Gospel patter, Mike unfolded the prediction number total and revealed the Bible Book name that was part of the prediction!
Joe Berman removed a $1.00 bill from his inside sport coat pocket and with a flick of his fingers transformed it instantly into a gigantic $1.00 bill. Joe’s origami and a “bone folder”..along with magic finger manipulation made instant Money Magic!
Dale Wheeler showed the Ring members a Chinese coin which he covered with a $1.00 bill and the foreign coin transformed into an American half dollar coin. Dale then placed 5 Kennedy half dollars into Mike King’s hands and made one of them travel across from Mike’s closed hand into Dale’s open hand!

Terry Miller showed the Ring members a magic video entitled “The Wilsons”. We all remember “The Magic Land Of Allakazam”, the 1960 to 1964 TV series. Now with the 2nd generation of Wilsons.. ..the magic line continues!
If you don’t mind a magical bat flying around your ears and want to have some fun…then come to our meetings in beautiful Marietta!

Dale Wheeler, Secretary

March Meeting Notes

NO. 197, MARIETTA, OHIO – The Tommy Windsor Ring Meets 2nd Thu., 7:00 pm at Ken Miller’s home/magic shop100 Wilding Rd., Marietta, OH


Since many members were sick with the old flu bug, our March meeting was lightly attended, but the good news was it kept the business meeting to a minimum. That gave us more time to do and talk magic.We were glad to see Chad Davis back. Chad has been absent from the past several meetings due to foot surgery and the fact that Chad has to drive almost 200 miles, round trip, to attend meetings. Chad started member magic off with a great trick called ‘Three Way Coincidence’. Chad’s presentation was superb and reminded us why he has been missed so much.Chester Gault followed with a painting effect wherein a bathing beauty’s bathing suit changes colors 4 times. Mike King presented a card trick called ‘Detour de Force’ plus an unnamed effect using a lock, key and string with a gospel message. Mike always puts his own twist on everything he does.Ken Miller showed a new card effect called ‘Chaos 2’. Even though he just got the trick and hadn’t really practiced it, Ken handled the trick with the skill of a Magic Dealer demonstrating his wares. Ken owns the magic shop where we meet. Kerry Blair showed several tricks using his smart phone. Even though some of us were obviously too dumb for the smart phone, we nevertheless had a lot of fun with this new kind of magic. We’re little but we’re mighty. Come by and visit us sometime. Chester Gault

February Meeting Notes
RING 197, MARIETTA, OHIO-The Tommy Windsor Ring
Meets 2nd Thu., 7:00pm of each month at Ken Miller’s home/magic shop 100 Wilding Rd., Marietta, OH
Our February Ring Meeting fell on Valentines Day this year. All the members had remembered to get flowers, candy and cards to their Valentine Sweethearts. They did this mainly so they could go to their monthly gathering and enjoy their real love….MAGIC!

The Tommy Windsor Ring started with discussion on the different possible sites to hold our 2013 “Hocus-Pocus” Magic Show. The club decided to have the discussions again in our future meetings.

Dale Wheeler had attended the new revamped “Magi-Fest” in Dublin, Ohio and reported to the members that the convention was an overall success. The only problem was the Dealer’s room was too small and overcrowded with magic hungry convention attendees! The purchasing of magic props and items from the magic dealers resulted in the prize of $1,000.00 in magic to the lucky ticket holder!

Dale’s second report was on the Magic Auction held annually in Canton, Ohio. Dale reported it was well attended with over 80 buyers and great bargains on a variety of magic props. Dale also said he overspent his budget on the bounty of mystical items that were sold!

Our business meeting was adjourned so the members could have our own Valentine presents to give each other…the “Valentines” were performances of magic! Ken Miller kicked member magic off with a card deck effect called “Double Take” from which a red back Bicycle deck had 3 separate cards selected by Kerry, Dale and Chester. The cards backs were shown and they were the only cards in the red deck with blue backs! Ken then showed the entire deck color had changed to blue backs ..and then with his magical expertise, they all returned to their red back color!

Chester Gault amazed the members with his “Kaleidoscope” card effect. The deck he presented had different and very decorative backs. Two cards were selected and placed back into the deck in two different random areas. Magically the cards had found their Valentine Soul Mates (a black 2 of Clubs and a black 2 of Spades) in the colorful-backed deck…and now even the backs matched!

Kerry Blair told us about the Hobby Lobby’s oil cans which could be used as a magic prop. He also had a “killer” smart phone app! A card is randomly selected by a spectator, and eventually

a photo pops up on the screen with “Teller” (of Penn & Teller) holding the very card that was selected!

Dale Wheeler was assisted by Ken Miller and Chester Gault in the performance and handling of the “Bengal Net Illusion”. A live dove put into the see through net turned into a white silk…or any other small object! Dale was assisted by Ken Miller in making a table levitate and even visually inspected from underneath as it floated gently through the air!

Terry Miller closed the magical night with a visual presentation by Andre Kole (stage name of Robert Gurtler Jr.). The feature was the “Walking On Water” effect. This was performed without camera trickery!

We all enjoyed the February magic…won’t you stop in sometime soon? You’ll be surprised, amazed…and most of all Welcomed!!

Dale Wheeler, Secretary

January Meeting Notes

RING 197, MARIETTA, OHIO-The Tommy Windsor Ring
Meets 2nd Thu., 7:00pm of each month at Ken Miller’s home/magic shop 100 Wilding Rd., Marietta, OH

January’s meetings are sometimes “iffy” with the winter weather in the Marietta area
along the Ohio River. In past years we’ve had to cancel our meeting of magical minds! This
year’s unusual weather had us in short sleeves and the temperatures in the 70’s for the 2nd
weekend of January!

Outgoing President Terry Miller began our January meeting by presiding over the
installation ceremony of the 2013 officers. The January Meeting was then turned over and
called to order by our new President, Ken Miller. Ring 197 began this January’s business
meeting with brief discussion of this year’s annual public magic show. We all agreed that we
would discuss this at a later date so we could get on with what we really enjoy…some ”Member

The Tommy Windsor Ring is very proud to have as our President, Mr. Ken Miller. Ken is
consultant and demonstrator for the best known magic manufacturer in the world, Abbott's
Magic Company, and now enjoys fooling other magicians with updated effects. Ken performed
a card effect entitled “Colour Diffusion” which used an “ungimmicked” bicycle deck. Ken’s
handling combined a great psychological presentation with a knockout color change ending!

Chester Gualt gave us a super tip on how to do several minutes of great audience participation
without having to bring anything big (prop-wise) to the stage. He uses this idea sometimes in
his magic act by asking a boy and a girl on stage to help perform (in this case Kerry Blair and
Terry Miller took the parts as boy & girl). The youngsters vie against each other to see who can
be the best magician with Chester and the audience as the judges. Chester uses “can tear &
can’t tear” gimmicked paper for the process to see who can tear the most pieces to win the
competition. The young boy with the “can’t tear” paper always has a losing battle to win the
honor of the “Magician” title!

Terry Miller showed the Ring members how a large wooden cube could pass through a solid
sheet of steel and appear on the other side! He proceeded to show on in the second phase
that he could make the cube disappear completely! His presentation of “Bloxo” was completely
Mike King presented a plain brown paper bag with the letter “H” marked on the front. “H”
was for “Happiness”, Mike explained. He mysteriously produced different size balls which
changed magically into different colors and then into different shapes. All this was presented
along with a Gospel message during the various changes in his skilled hands!

Dale Wheeler briefly described to the Ring members the Magic Act that Paul Gertner is
presenting in Pittsburgh this February. Gertner’s act involves almost entirely the iPad and
iPhone electronic devices. Dale’s love of electronic gadgets made this a perfect segway for his
presentation. Dale’s business card was printed audibly and visually on his Apple iPhone! Dale
then used two fingers and reached into the glass picture of his business card and it visually
transformed into a real business card right before the members eyes!

Kerry Blair closed out the member magic by showing the Ring Members a vintage video of
NBC’s Tom Snyder’s visit to The Magic Castle. He ended the video presentation with a surprise
to all…a vintage show performance featuring our own Ken Miller & his lovely assistant Midge.
Ken and Midge performed death defying escapes with very limited stage space! Large stage
illusions with just over 3 feet to perform!

…And on that note, the curtains close and the “THE END” sign appears! The end of a good
meeting with again 100% participation in sharing magic with friends! Guests are always
welcome in Marietta. Come join the fun!
Dale Wheeler, Secretary
December Meeting Notes
   No. 197, Marietta, Oh - The Tommy Windsor Ring 2nd Thursday, 7:00 pm at Ken Miller's home/magic shop 100 Wilding Rd., Marietta, Oh. Chester W. Gault, Secretary -
As has become our tradition, our December meeting was replaced with a Christmas Dinner Party for members, spouses and friends. Held at the home of Joe and Lynda Berman in Athens Ohio for the second straight year, the party was a huge success.

After the social hour, all were seated at a long, beautifully decorated table. Our hostess, Lynda, asked for us to each recite a short toast. This led to an amazing feast of ham, turkey, and roast beef along with a table full of salads, vegetables, breads, candies, cakes and cookies.

After dinner, member Dale Wheeler displayed another facet of his talents by breaking out his guitar and playing and singing several selections. Dale even took requests. It was a most enjoyable way to relax and let the huge dinner settle.

Host Joe Berman closed out the evening by playing “Silent Night” on one of his beautiful antique music boxes. Joe has an unbelievable collection of music boxes and it’s always a treat when he shares some of his collection with us.

Although not planned, it was noted that no magic was performed during the evening and very little conversation was even heard, during the evening, about our beloved art of magic. However, I think everyone there would agree, it was a most magical evening.

C.W. Gault, Secretary

November Meeting Notes

NO. 197, MARIETTA, OHIO – The Tommy Windsor Ring meets 2nd Thu., 7:00 pm at Ken Miller’s home/magic shop 100 Wilding Rd., Marietta, OH
CHESTER W. GAULT, Secretary –

Our November meeting was the first meeting following our successful “Hocus Pocus” public show. Except for a couple of members with health problems, which prevented them from attending, every member participated. Several members entertained the waiting audience with their closeup skills and the audience was well warmed up and ready for more magic by the time the curtain opened. With four acts plus the emcee, it was a fast paced, ninety minutes, of excellent stage magic. I don’t know who had more fun, the audience or the club members. With a matinee and an evening show, it was a full day of magic.

After a lengthy discussion of the show, we settled down to future business of the club. Ken and Midge Miller were presented with a gift card to a local restaurant in appreciation of their throwing open their home each month for our meetings. Ken also runs a well-stocked magic shop out of their home. What better place for magic club meeting?

Our next big event is our annual Christmas Party, which will be hosted again by member Joe Berman and his wife Lynda. It’s an event much anticipated by the members.

The club unanimously voted to continue our website. Steve Dixon’s wife Carol is our web master and she has turned our website into a classy professional looking Internet destination. Carol does all of this for us at no cost, so the members unanimously voted to send Carol a gift card to show our appreciation. Check out her work at “”.

Member magic began with Terry Miller performing, with Dale Wheeler’s help, “Confusing Crayon”. Possible finishes for the trick were discussed. Terry also showed his “Tricky Bottles” with discussion about the preferences of one trick over the other.

Chester Gault presented his version of Daryl’s “Hyper-Bent-Elation”. Since the trick finishes with the cards being melded into each other, Chester used a patter line about the movie “The Fly“, where man and fly meld with each other.

Mike King kept us all in stitches and groans as he showed us his ‘Rope Snake Collection’ complete with gags and puns. Mike finished it off with a rope snake wedding wherein the ring was tied to the male rope snake (the groom) and it magically ends up tied to the female rope snake (the bride). Mike’s imagination and inventiveness is always a pleasure to watch.

Dale Wheeler presented a newly acquired trick from his attendance at the ‘Unconventional Convention” called “A Good Deal”. The trick, wherein different words are spelled with only four cards, was a natural for Dale. The cards, which originally spelled ‘DEAL” can easily be made to spell “DALE”. Nothing like buying a trick especially made for you.

Ken Miller closed out the evening of magic with “This n That” and also a card effect called “Fade Out”. Both tricks cleverly performed by Ken as usual.

Ring 197 meetings are always fun. The only thing that would make them more fun is if you would visit us sometime.

C.W. Gault, Secretary

October Meeting Notes

NO. 197, MARIETTA, OHIO – The Tommy Windsor Ring meets 2nd Thu., 7:00 pm at Ken Miller’s home/magic shop100 Wilding Rd., Marietta,OH

CHESTER W. GAULT, Secretary –

Our October meeting was less than 2 weeks before our 5th annual ‘Hocus Pocus’ public magic show held at the Player’s Theatre in Marietta, OH, so that event pretty much dominated our business meeting. The stage acts, lined up months ago, are members Dale Wheeler, Steve Dixon, Kerry Blair and Dave Powers with Terry Miller acting as emcee. Chester Gault, Ken Miller, Dale Wheeler, Chad Davis and Mike King will handle walkaround before the show. Stage manager will be Tommy Wilson. In short, almost everyone in the club will be involved. One of everyone’s favorite acts from past years, Joe Berman, cannot perform this year because of illness and will be missed. The club will present 2 shows; a matinee at 2:00 PM and an evening show at 8:00 PM. With local newspapers providing free publicity, the area being plastered with posters, a huge banner draped across the front of the theatre, a ticket giveaway on a local radio station, a member appearing on television to promote the show and a well known ticket outlet selling the tickets, we are expecting a great show with a nice size audience.

Even with a lengthy business meeting, we still made time for what the club is all about....MAGIC. Terry Miller started us off with a timely effect wherein a severed hand on a tray eerily moved and tapped it’s fingers. With Halloween right around the corner, it was a great start to member magic. Chester Gault joined in the spooky theme with ‘Bionic Cards’ presented to the music from ‘Friday the 13th’ played on his Ipod using a wireless speaker to amplify the sound. Thinking this was a great opportunity to emphasize the ‘trick’ in ‘trick or treat’, Dale Wheeler, our electronics guru, tried to secretly tap his Ipod into Chester’s speaker and change the music. Luckily Chester finished the trick before Dale accomplished his evil deed. Dale then showed us a recent purchase, imitation cel phones made entirely of flash paper. The instructions guaranteed a huge flash but since our meetings are held in the home/magic shop of Ken Miller and Dale didn’t wish to test the quality of Ken’s fire insurance, Dale decided to light one of them at another location and time. If Dale shows up at the next meeting with no eyebrows or mustache, we’ll know he decided to test one. Mike King presented a very clever and funny version of ‘Genetics’ using word cards instead of pictures. Mike has a friendly, folksy style of delivery and that made his presentation even better. Ken Miller gave a short lesson on ‘knotty silk’ in addition to demonstrating several effects from behind his shop counter. We have several members who frequently travel well over a hundred miles to attend our meetings and return home. If you're ever within driving distance of Marietta on meeting night, we would love to show you why it’s worth the drive. C.W. Gault, Secretary

September Meeting Notes

NO. 197, MARIETTA, OHIO – The Tommy Windsor Ring
Meets 2nd Thu., 7:00 pm at Ken Miller’s home/magic shop
100 Wilding Rd., Marietta, OH
CHESTER W. GAULT, Secretary –

The September gathering began with our usual pre-meeting gab session. Having no structure or rules of order to follow, everybody seems to join in the lively discussions. Each month a central theme just magically evolves. This month it was about fire, explosions, flashes, flashpots and other incendiary devices that are, or were, commonly found in a magic show. It seems as if everyone present had a horror story to tell either about their own experience or that of a fellow magician.
President Terry Miller opened the business portion of the meeting by displaying one of the giant 36” x 48” posters that have been printed for our fast approaching annual ‘Hocus Pocus” magic show on October 20. Held in a 350-seat community theatre in downtown Marietta, OH, the show has an up close and personal feel to it while playing quite big with 4 acts plus an emcee. The show has become a much-anticipated event for both the Ring members and the public. With a 2:00 P.M. matinee followed by an 8:00 P.M. evening show, it’s a full day of magic for all.
Terry Miller kicked off Member Magic with a seasonal item. With Halloween right around the corner, Terry, who will emcee our ‘Hocus Pocus’ show this year, shared a gift that he had recently received. It was a framed painting of an old haunted house, (Think of the Bates’ house on the hill from Psycho). Mysteriously, any movement in the room caused one of the windows to light up and a ghost, skeleton or other scary creature would appear in the window.
Chester Gault followed with a mini lecture on sound and music for a magic show. Some state of the art equipment was shown which makes the use of music, without an assistant backstage to operate it, a snap.
Chad Davis presented a “3 Way Card Prediction” with the assistance of Kerry Blair. Because of illness, plus living 80 miles from Marietta, Chad hasn’t been able to attend a lot of meetings, but when he does, it’s always a pleasure to watch him work. Chad obviously enjoys what he is doing and that enthusiasm is picked up by the spectators. We look forward to seeing Chad’s cheerful face at more meetings in the coming months.
Dale Wheeler performed “Acer’s Spare Change”. Dale’s unique performing style always makes his Member Magic contributions a club favorite. Dale is one of the four acts that will appear on our “Hocus Pocus” show next month. Dale travels 100 miles round trip each month to attend our meetings. He is one of our most loyal members, putting even a few of our local members to shame.
Kerry Blair shared a card force that he called the ‘Six Through Ten Card Force’. After demonstrating the force, Kerry then broke it down and explained the ‘modus operandi’. Ring 197 is lucky to have a plethora of working pros. Kerry is a full timer willing to share and teach. He is also one of the four acts that will be performing on our ‘Hocus Pocus’ show.
Ken Miller, who owns the magic shop where we hold our meetings, is always busy before and after the meetings demonstrating the latest acquisitions for his shop. Ken is the ‘go to guy’ whenever a member needs some help with a trick or move.
Joe Berman is one of our most knowledgeable members. To attend our meetings each month, Joe makes a 100 mile round trip from Athens Ohio, where he is a Professor at Ohio University. He travels the country for the University but still squeezes in time for our club. Joe will be performing closeup magic in the lobby as the audience for our ‘Hocus Pocus’ show enters the theatre. Joe is a master at entertaining all ages and is our club’s fountain of magic knowledge. And oh yes, did I mention that Joe is blind? He is an amazing guy, who despite all of his education doesn’t even know how to spell the word ‘handicapped’.
So with all that magical knowledge, and meetings so good members regularly drive hundreds of miles to attend, we must be doing something right. So, how come you haven’t come to see us yet?

C.W. Gault, Secretary
August Meeting Notes

NO. 197, MARIETTA, OHIO – The Tommy Windsor Ring
Meets 2nd Thu., 7:00 pm at Ken Miller’s home/magic shop
100 Wilding Rd., Marietta, OH
CHESTER W. GAULT, Secretary –

For the past several months our pre meeting gabfest has been getting longer and longer. This month was the longest yet with an hour of chitchat before the meeting even began. It has gotten to be everyone’s favorite part of the meeting, being unstructured with everyone free to talk, interrupt, disagree, argue, lie, (well, maybe not lie) about all things magical. Sometimes the focus will be on a particular effect or a recently attended convention or someone needing help with a move. Tonight’s main topic was not quite as cheery as most of our previous impromptu subjects. A recent incident involving a local magician, (not a club member) was discussed at length. Although agreeing that it is rude for an audience member to text during a performance, does the performer have the right to go into the audience and physically take the cell phone from a child? The members all agreed that he does not and were amazed that this man would do such a thing. Other incidences of magicians doing similarly stupid things made for some stimulating conversation, but it was finally time to settle down and officially start the meeting.
Our upcoming ‘Hocus Pocus’ public magic show is right around the corner, October 20, 2012 with shows at 2:00 PM and 8:00 PM. Held at the Mid Ohio Valley Players Theatre in Marietta, Ohio, it is much anticipated by the members and public alike. This year it was decided to present the shows with Ring 197 members exclusively. In the past we have occasionally used a mix of local and guest performers. This year’s stage shows will feature Kerry Blair, Dale Wheeler, Steve Dixon and Dave Powers. Club President Terry Miller will M.C. Several members will entertain with close up and walkaround magic in the lobby and audience before the stage show begins. One member will even be performing in front of the theatre. The posters, flyers and tickets are all printed and ready to go.
Member magic began with Terry Miller showing a video of Harry Blackstone Jr. performing his ‘Garden of Flowers’. Terry then performed the effect live using the very same props we had just seen in the video. Terry owns a lot of the props from the Blackstone Show and occasionally performs one for the club.
Chester Gault presented his ‘Happy Birthday Painting’ where a black and white picture of a birthday cake magically paints itself, but Chester has added a finale wherein the birthday child is given the painting to keep.
Ken Miller performed a new trick called ‘Comedy Card Babies’ that looks like a combination of 2 or 3 old effects rolled into one very funny routine. Ken has an extremely well stocked magic shop, where we hold our meetings, and he always has something new or clever to show us.
Dale Wheeler did a double turn. First he showed us a new electronic gizmo called ‘Projected Show XX Plus’, which is a laser projector the same size as his IPhone. By plugging them together, Dale was able to project the video of his latest performance aboard an Ohio River sternwheeler onto the wall of Ken’s shop. An amazing piece of equipment that had everyone’s minds whirling thinking of possible magic applications. Dale works for an electronics company and always has the newest toys before anyone else even knows about them. Dale then presented a trick he is working on called the ‘Beer Mat’. Many helpful suggestions, at Dale’s invitation, were given to him by the other members.
Kerry Blair performed and then explained a card trick called the ‘ Eight Card Trick’. Four cards of the same numerical value revealed themselves in a very clever way. Guess which four cards they were.... right, the four eights.
A good night for magic. How many magicians get to attend their club meetings held in a real brick and mortar, well stocked, magic shop? Sadly, there are getting to be fewer and fewer of these shops. Come and visit with us.. and bring your wish list. Ken probably has it in stock.

C.W. Gault, Secretary

July Meeting Notes

NO. 197, MARIETTA, OHIO – The Tommy Windsor Ring
Meets 2nd Thu., 7:00 pm at Ken Miller’s home/magic shop
100 Wilding Rd., Marietta, OH
CHESTER W. GAULT, Secretary –

Although Ring 197 has several working pros in our club, Mother Nature showed us just how insignificant our little tricks are in the scheme of things. Having planned for our annual picnic and swim party to be held on July 1 at Chester and Sandra Gault’s home, our biggest concern was the heat wave that had been baking our area. Even with a pool to cool off in, a hot and humid picnic was anticipated. Then came the winds. On June 29th a storm with 90-mph winds blew through the eastern United States and knocked out electricity to millions of people. Our little area was right in the middle of that storm.
With no electricity predicted for days, (some people still are without electricity today, 13 days later) we were forced to cancel our picnic. Most members had limited, or no, phone service, so contacting everyone was a magic trick in itself.
Today, all of our members have their utilities back and Ring business was carried out by phone and email.
This month we will not have a report about what magic effects the members presented at a meeting. This month we are just thankful that all of our members are safe and well and looking forward to next month’s meeting. Come and see us. We’ll keep a light on for you....we hope.
C.W. Gault, Secretary

June Meeting Notes
NO. 197, MARIETTA, OHIO – The Tommy Windsor Ring
Meets 2nd Thu., 7:00 pm at Ken Miller’s home/magic shop
100 Wilding Rd., Marietta, OH
CHESTER W. GAULT, Secretary –

Although illness and other functions kept the attendance a bit lower than normal, another meeting full of magic took place anyway.
This month the pre-meeting conversation turned to handcuffs and other restraints. Ken Miller, whose magic shop is our meeting site, displayed several handcuffs and shared his experience with them. The conversation even spilled over to the Substitution Trunk and the best wrist restraints to use with that illusion. It was decided that a simple rope tie was the best as it would be hard to explain how the rope was ‘retied’ in the trunk.
This month our 50/50 drawing was rigged as a joke on member Dale Wheeler. Dale has become famous in our club for winning drawings, raffles etc. He should know better than to trust a bunch of magicians.
Speaking of raffles, it was decided to raffle off a magic table with a black art well at our July 1st Picnic. The table, along with several other magic props, was a gift to the club by Ray Zhao before he returned to China after graduating from Marietta College. These props, along with others being added by club members, should make for a fun time.
Several details for our October ‘Hocus Pocus’ public show were decided. Being our feature event of the year, several months planning go into making it a success.
The date for our Christmas Party was set for December 13 at the home of Joe and Lynda Berman in Athens Ohio. Joe and Lynda hosted it last year and it was such a hit that they have graciously offered their home again. Although Joe’s magic book collection and antique music boxes were a big draw, I believe Lynda’s cooking was the main attraction.
Terry Miller started off member magic with the “Giant’s Darning Needle”. Terry, thinking probably nobody had seen this trick was surprised to find out that two other members present also owned this old magic effect. Kerry Blair showed his recently purchased copy of “Everything in the Book”. Kerry also showed a Silk Cabby once owned by Tommy Windsor that had been gifted to him by Jim Hoy. Dale Wheeler performed the “Micro Psychic Bolt” and Mike King presented the “Big Reaction” card trick. Joe Berman brought a Warren Hamilton JoAnne Card Duck and some historic photos and autographs. Ken Miller, in addition to demonstrating behind the counter of his magic shop, showed a newer silk cabby for comparison to the old model Kerry brought.
We’re little, but we’re active. Come and spend an evening with us sometime.

C.W. Gault, Secretary

May Meeting Notes
NO. 197, MARIETTA, OHIO – The Tommy Windsor Ring
Meets 2nd Thu., 7:00 pm at Ken Miller’s home/magic shop
100 Wilding Rd., Marietta, OH
CHESTER W. GAULT, Secretary –

Conversation amongst the members before the meetings even begin has become a much anticipated and enjoyable part of our Ring meetings. Not really fitting into a structured meeting, tall tales and reminiscing have been delaying the start of our meetings for 30 minutes or more. Instead of stopping this practice we seemed to have embraced it as part of our evening of magic. It’s a great time for the older, more traveled members to tell of their experiences on the road or for all to recall and discuss their recent attendance at a magic convention or lecture. The May meeting was no exception with our recent Geoff Williams lecture and the even more recent ‘Battle of Magicians’ Convention providing the stories and discussions.
Once the meeting started, everyone was talked out and ready to get down to business. Plans were made for our upcoming Ring Picnic and Swap Meet to be held at the home of Chester and Sandra Gault on July 1. The addition of door prizes has been added to this year’s affair with other surprises for the occasion to be discussed at the June meeting.
Our Annual Hocus Pocus Show was discussed and plans made for this year’s advertising etc. Even though the event is over 5 months away, the details are starting to take shape.
On a bittersweet note, member Ray Zhao informed us that this would be his last meeting with Ring 197. Ray has graduated from nearby Marietta College and will return to China to begin his new job with an oil company there. Magic, however, is still a big part of Ray’s future. Ray plans to open a magic bar and restaurant in China as well as a magic school. Not just a pipe dream, Ray has already set the wheels in motion to fulfill his dream. Ray donated many nice pieces of magic apparatus to the club to be used as door prizes at our upcoming picnic. Our club will miss Ray’s youthful enthusiasm and tremendous talent. He showed us older guys, who may have become lazy and content to rest upon our laurels, how much one can improve with a dedication to our art.
Member magic again saw 100% participation with President Terry Miller starting things off by showing us a newly acquired ‘Blackstone Program’ and then performed another new acquisition, ‘The Giant Die Illusion”. Both were recently purchased at the ‘Battle of Magicians’ in Canton, Ohio. While Terry is still working on a routine, the ‘Giant Die Illusion’ has the potential to be a real mind blower. Kerry Blair did some interesting card magic and mentalism using his Iphone. Although modern technology will never replace the good old pasteboards, it is fun to watch a fresh approach to this form of magic. Doug Hess did a very entertaining rendition of ‘Balloon on Card’ from the Photoshop set of tricks. Dale Wheeler showed his newest trick, the Color Changing USB Flash Drives. Dale always seems to find the magic trick that is unusual or cutting edge. Chester Gault presented ‘Giant B’Wave’ using a “Jack In The Beanstalk” patter story with Mike King playing the part of the giant. Mike King then did an original Happy Birthday routine in honor of Chester ‘s birthday. Ray Zhao showed his skills with cards reminding us of what we will be missing, and Ken Miller offered good advice on both the paddle trick and the ‘Giant B’Wave’.
Meeting night is a much-anticipated evening because the members make it so much fun. If you are in our area, come and have fun with us.

C.W. Gault, Secretary

April Meeting Notes

Abbot's Vanishing Clock

NO. 197, MARIETTA, OHIO – The Tommy Windsor Ring
Meets 2nd Thu., 7:00 pm at Ken Miller’s home/magic shop
100 Wilding Rd., Marietta, OH
CHESTER W. GAULT, Secretary –

Member magic started off with President Terry Miller performing, with V.P. Ken Miller’s assistance, Abbott’s Vanishing Alarm Clock. Although an oldie, but a goodie, several of the newer members had never had an opportunity to see it performed, let alone see it close up. We can always depend on Terry to show us something big and showy from his illusion show.
Next, Dale Wheeler performed a trick called “Badland Bob’s Die Trick” Dale can always be depended on to perform something a little unusual but well done. His version of the trick didn’t disappoint.

Joe Berman, who is kind of our unofficial historian, brought an I.B.M. Convention badge from the 1927 convention held in Kenton, Ohio. Very interesting. Joe often brings some fascinating item from the past. I can’t wait to see what he brings next month.
Doug Hess presented his version of “Jiggernut” or “That’s Nuts”. Doug, who is fairly new to magic, at least by comparison to all of us old fogies, is improving each month and it is fun to watch his dedication to our craft increase with his progress.
Ken Miller, with Dale’s help performed a trick called “ADD/ICT”. Ken, who owns the magic shop where we meet, is probably the most knowledgeable guy that I know when it comes to magic apparatus, who invented it, who makes it and how it works. Between Ken and Joe, we have our own encyclopedia of magic.
Jerry Watson, our newest member presented “Russian Rings”. Jerry, because of health problems, hasn’t been able to attend as often as he would like, is a welcome addition to our Ring. We hope to see Jerry often with his contributions.
Mike King performed last with his usual humor and originality. Using a Drawer Box; some silks with doodles drawn on them and some Macadamia nuts, he had the members laughing, (and groaning) from start to finish. Mike, who is our treasurer, always has something clever to show us.
Once again, we had 100% participation in member magic. This is our goal each month. After all, nobody comes for the business meeting. We all come for the magic and fellowship. Why don’t you come magish and fellowship with us sometime?

C.W. Gault, Secretary

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