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Ring Report for March

NO. 197, MARIETTA, OHIO – The Tommy Windsor Ring
Meets 2nd Thu., 7:00 pm Lafayette Hotel – Marietta, OH
CHESTER W. GAULT, Secretary – gaultcw@suddenlink.net

The March meeting of Ring 197 was short on business but long on magic, which is the way it should be.
The brief business meeting was mostly taken up with reviews of a touring magic show that had recently performed in our area, and a preview of an upcoming performance by one of our own members.
Dale Wheeler opened up member magic with a trick called ‘Volunteer Swindle’. A folded five-dollar bill became two fives and eventually turned into a ten-dollar bill. Nicely done as usual by our newly married President. Since Dale recently took the plunge, we were all surprised that he still had a ten-dollar bill.
Mike King, our Treasurer, did a congratulatory tribute to Dale and his bride with his clever patter and a Blendo effect. A white silk handkerchief and a red silk handkerchief, representing Dale and Judy, eventually joined together into one larger red and white silk.
Chester Gault brought along his newly built magic table with some original ideas for it’s construction. He also presented the club with a mystery. A prop he had purchased at the recent Canton Magic Auction had an extra piece with no apparent purpose. The members were invited to analyze the trick and express their opinions as to the purpose of the phantom piece. After much discussion by the very learned members, no really good explanation was forthcoming, so the mystery remains. We sure do miss our recently departed member, Kenny Miller, as he would have probably known the answer.
Kerry Blair brought an old classic trick, Checker-X to the meeting. Kerry performed the effect in the standard way, with a volunteer and then performed it again with a new twist, by putting it around his own neck. Kerry performs full time with his Safety Magic Show in schools and felt that putting a rope around a volunteer’s neck was not a good lesson to teach the kids. Asking for suggestions from the members, a short seminar on Checker-X ensued. It’s good to have a club with a lot of years performing professionally. That’s a nice way of saying we’re just old.
Steve Dixon presented an original Card Thru Glass routine. Assisted by Terry Miller, a chosen and signed card magically ended up behind glass in a previously shown picture frame. Although an excellent trick as Steve presented it, the membership offered their suggestions for improving the effect. Steve also performed an Al Cohen Cup routine and displayed his newly acquired music system.
Joe Berman performed the ‘Obedient Bill’ and then, as had become the custom of the evening, welcomed input from the members. As Joe admittedly had not performed the effect in years, he worked on the presentation in front of the members and the effect went from a nice trick to a thing of beauty before Joe quit. It was a fun mini seminar.
With everyone satisfied that they had seen some excellent magic, enjoyed the company of friends and added to their magic knowledge, the meeting was adjourned. We’re going to do it again next month. Why not join us?

C.W. Gault, Secretary