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Ring Report for February

NO. 197, MARIETTA, OHIO – The Tommy Windsor Ring
Meets 2nd Thu., 7:00 pm Lafayette Hotel – Marietta, OH
CHESTER W. GAULT, Secretary – gaultcw@suddenlink.net

Although a month late, the new officers for 2014 were sworn in at the February meeting. The newly installed officers are Dale Wheeler – President; Steve Dixon – Vice President; Chester Gault – Secretary and Mike King – Treasurer. Our new Sgt.-at-Arms, Joe Berman will be installed at the next meeting.

Various items of interest were discussed including the upcoming Ring 243 Magic Auction in late February and the ‘Battle of Magicians’ convention in May. Both events are 100 miles from Marietta, in Canton Ohio but are well attended by Ring 197 members.

It was decided to make the Lafayette Hotel our permanent meeting site. The Lafayette is a local historical building and is considered a bit of a prestigious address. We are excited that we could obtain one of their meeting rooms for our meetings. With ample parking, a restaurant and of course hotel rooms for any guests we might have, the Lafayette is a perfect fit.

The possibility of a children’s charity sponsor for our annual ‘Hocus Pocus’ show was discussed. A well know charity is already interested and the prospect seemed to revive everyone’s excitement for this annual show. A committee was formed to investigate.

Our new President moved the business portion of our meeting along at a rapid pace to leave plenty of time for what we all came for.... MAGIC.
Dale Wheeler opened member magic with a new acquisition called ‘International Exchange” in which five coins of different countries were placed into Mike King’s shirt pocket by Mike himself. When Mike removed the coins 2 at a time from his pocket and held them in his fist, Dale magically announced which 2 coins Mike was holding. This was repeated with 2 more coins. When Mike checked for the last coin he found that it had vanished from his pocket and was found back in the small bag where it started. We can always depend on Dale to show us something new and clever.

Chester Gault presented a comedy kids routine wherein his attempts to produce a rabbit went awry when his wand broke resulting in the production of a skunk instead. The skunk then ‘sprayed’ Steve with a cloud that eventually settled on Steve’s formerly black shirt.

Mike King performed an original routine using the Axtell Board. A rabbit magically appearing on the board began a series of comedy ‘Doodles’ to the groans and applause of the members. Mike’s ‘aw shucks’ style of performing allows Mike to get away with throwing the ‘corn’ around a bit and it is always a hit with the members.

Terry Miller performed ‘What’s Next’ where the spots on a card seemed to multiply as the card was turned over and over. Terry’s trick sparked a short discussion on the different variations of the ‘Spot Card’ trick with everyone having an opinion as to which version was their favorite.

Kerry Blair was up next and presented an original routine with “The Pill’. Removing a huge capsule that completely filled the medicine bottle, the capsule took on a life of it’s own rising and reclining in unison with Kerry’s patter. Kerry has a knack for telling a story and it turned a simple trick into a delight to watch and hear.

Steve, although under the weather with a cold and still covered with ‘skunk spray’, agreed to perform a short card trick to give the meeting 100% participation. Steve is our Ring 197 card guy and his handling of the pasteboards is always fun to watch. Steve did a skilled card transposition effect to close out the magic portion of the meeting.

We have a beautiful new venue for our meetings and we would love to have visitors. Come and see us. Bring a trick to perform and join the fun.

C.W. Gault, Secretary