Dale Wheeler
Dale's brand of magic is very impactful. He prides himself on creating wonderful memories and moments for clients where seeing, is truly, believing. Since mastering the art of 'Close-up Magic' he has been asked to entertain audiences at several International Motorola Conventions as well as Corporate Dinners in the Charleston, WV area, to trade shows around the tri-state, and even performing walk-around magic at the world famous Aria Resort and Bellagio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. After seeing several his performance at the Greenbrier Resort, top travel agents there stated, "Dale is regarded by many as one of the top strolling magicians in the tri-state area."

His style of magic is best suited for a situation where he is mingling about (also known as strolling magic) and using only the most everyday props. With simply a deck of cards, a few rubber bands, and some spare change, Dale has been known to entertain for hours at a time, creating unique and individual experiences for all in attendance.
Dale’s interest in magic started at age 10 when his father took him to his 1st magic show featuring Benjamin Franklin IV. A few years later Mr. Franklin was the principal of Point Pleasant High School where Dale attended. Dale wanted to impress his principal (and nationally ranked magician!) by performing magic at the Senior Banquet. The next day the high school’s intercom boomed the call, “Dale Wheeler, report to the Principal’s Office!” Mr. Franklin gave Dale some words of scholarly wisdom and then proceeded to give Dale some tips on how to better his magic presentations! Dale took Mr. Franklin’s advice and now Dale’s love for magic and his pleasant personality really show through in his performances.
Dale has served as vice-president of the local ring of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

What people are saying about Dale:

"Dale is regarded by many as the top close-up magician in the Tri State area."
-Kerry Casto, United Bank Manager
- Nick Miller, BB&T Bank Manager

"He's a brilliant, magician, and it's good to know there's a little bit of magic left in the world."
- Andy Hrycko, RF Marketing

"I'm not easily impressed by much...but WOW!"
- Jim Myers, Motorola Eastern Region Manager

"There's something about growing up your whole life with people telling you that most everything is impossible...getting to watch Dale do magic makes me glad I never believed them!"

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Dale Wheeler
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Leon, WV 25123
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