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Ring Report for April

NO. 197, MARIETTA, OHIO – The Tommy Windsor Ring
Meets 2nd Thu., 7:00 pm Lafayette Hotel – Marietta, OH
CHESTER W. GAULT, Secretary – gaultcw@suddenlink.net

The April meeting was once again held at our new location, the Lafayette Hotel in downtown Marietta, Ohio. Before the meeting, several of the members met in the hotel dining room for dinner and conversation. After a great meal and even better conversation, we adjourned to our meeting room for a fun evening of magic.

The business meeting was once again mostly taken up with discussion on our annual Hocus Pocus Show. This year the prospect of taking in a children’s charity as a partner makes it a whole new ballgame. Before, we could make all of the decisions, but now we have to take our partner’s rules and regulations into consideration.

Chester Gault gave everyone a preview of this year’s ‘Battle of Magicians’ convention in Canton, Ohio which is usually attended by several Ring 197 members.

Although firmly established in our new meeting site, we voted to accept an invitation to return to our old meeting site for the May meeting. Having met for years in Ken Miller’s magic shop, upon his passing away late last year, we moved our meetings to the Lafayette Hotel. Ken’s widow Midge still has the shop stocked with goodies and invited us to return for the meeting and a little shopping.

Member magic began with our newly married president Dale Wheeler. Dale, who is an avid gardener as well as an excellent magician, combined his two loves. Dale turned a handful of dirt and some onion sets into the real thing, sending the members home with some of Dale’s delicious garden bounty. Now that’s the kind of magic everyone likes.
Terry Miller then gave a double presentation of the ‘Crystal Casket’ producing several colorful silk handkerchiefs. The first production happened under the cover of a silk handkerchief while the second presentation was done openly without covering the casket. Most agreed the trick was fast enough, and looked better performed openly.

Mike King wowed us with his expert handling of the ‘Obedient Bill’. In Mike’s hands, the dollar bill eerily folded itself into a small square. Mike was asked to do it one more time and it never lost any of the mystery by showing it again.
Joe Berman presented ‘Houdini Matchbox Escape’ where a ribbon, threaded through the matchbox and each end held by spectators, mysteriously passes right through the matchbox.
Joe also brought along, for everyone’s examination, a beautifully made stainless steel ‘Penetration Frame’. Joe, having been in the magic business a long time, always brings along something interesting and often old for the members to enjoy.      
Steve Dixon presented a card stab wherein two selected cards were stabbed on the same thrust of the dagger. Steve, never missing a chance to advertise, had the cards wrapped in one of his brochures.    
He finished up by performing a beautiful sleight-of-hand coin routine.    
An excellent night of magic. Delicious food, great magic and fresh produce to take home. What more can you ask? Join us sometime. Who knows what you might take home?
C.W. Gault, Secretary